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Nissan Receives Several Honors in 2018 JD Power Initial Quality Study

Friday, September 14th, 2018
2018 JD Power Initial Quality Study


In the 2018 JD Power Initial Quality Study (IQS), Nissan topped three vehicle segments and finished in the top three in two others. For the uninitiated, the JD Power IQS is the industry benchmark for new vehicle quality in the US. The Nissan brand, which generally holds itself to high standards regarding the quality study, improved by eight problems per hundred vehicles (PP100) to an overall average of 85 PP100 – the best performance of all non-luxury Japanese brands. The awards are based on feedback of verified car owners who have owned or leased their new car for 90 days. The rating itself focuses on problems experienced by the owners and has shown to be a good indicator of long-term durability. As Nissan knows, the fewer the problems, the higher the score.


Specific Nissan models did very well during the yearly review; the 2018 Nissan Frontier was the top-rated midsize pickup for the third consecutive year. The Nissan Maxima won large car honors with a score of 57 PP100, the second highest score of any vehicle in the entire study. The Nissan Altima, one of the most popular midsize vehicles, scored sixth among all vehicles, an 18-point improvement from 2017. The improvement can directly be related to Nissan’s continuous model for improvement, especially in quality.


A relatively new model, the completely electric Nissan Leaf, also improved from the 2017 survey, displaying a 17-point improvement. Mark Swanson, the companies Vice President of Total Customer Satisfaction, said regarding the awards, “Nissan’s JD Power IQS results for 2018 are encouraging because they reflect customer satisfaction directly from the people who buy and lease our vehicles.” He later mentioned Nissan’s ongoing efforts of engineering, R&D, Quality and Manufacturing teams located around the world. Nissan’s dedication to quality improvement is extremely evident in all the awards and vehicles selected.


In April of 2017, Nissan announced a MOVE initiative through 2022, a six-year plan targeting thirty percent increase in revenue. The initiative seems more possible with each IQS vehicle survey, as Nissan constantly boasts vehicle improvements. The movement also vows to increase output of electric vehicles, especially since the Leaf is the best-selling electric vehicle ever.


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