Woodfield Nissan presents 2018 Nissan LEAF

The first launch of a Nissan Leaf was in 2011, and currently, it is the most sold electric car with total sales surpassing 290,000 units since its inception. There were upgrades in 2013 after Nissan moved its production site for the North American market from Oppama in Japan to Smyrna, Tennessee. In 2016, the vehicle received a battery upgrade, which improved its rated mile range from 84 miles to 107 miles. Although the vehicle has undergone minor upgrades since its first launch, the Leaf had remained largely similar to its pioneer model. The company, however, seeks to make major upgrades to the 2018 Nissan Leaf model with the second-generation Leaf model set to enter the market this year. Woodfield Nissan hopes that this generation of electric vehicles shall be a teaser for the next generation of Nissan Leaf EV.

Below is the Leaf 2018 model review and a highlight of what we expect to get once the car is launched.

The interior of the new 2018 Nissan Leaf is likely to come with a new design. For instance, the car is likely to feature a revision to its A/C vents at its corners and has a high probability of featuring an added new center stack. There is also the likelihood that the panel-like stack that was available in the Leaf 2015 model might not feature in the 2018 model. Rival cars to the 2018 Nissan Leaf come with larger infotainment display system, and the car should have a better display too. The company is likely to maintain the center console in its plain and simple design. The Leaf 2018 EV shall feature a customizable screen that will bear information on mileage and battery consumption. The heads-up display might replace the small display found on the Nissan Leaf 2013 generation, giving the car a stylish interior look. It will also come with more legroom, a new cabin design, and the latest car apps fitted to allow it compete favorably.

The 2018 model review reveals that the model comes with a new exterior design that seems to draw inspiration from the Micra. The car will have sharp body lines while its stooped nose gives it an aggressiveness that car enthusiasts will love. The Woodfield Nissan spy photos indicate a car with carefully posed headlights, the grille, a large company badge, and a dash display accompanying the ProPilot Assist cover on its center front charge port. The ProPilot Assist display ensures the automated driving assistance in the Leaf 2018 is efficient. The car maintains the five-door compact hatchback model of its predecessor. Immediately after its official launch, you can visit the Hoffman Estates Nissan Dealership for more information on its design.

The mechanical aspects of the car will feature a one-pedal driving technology. The single e-pedal system allows for acceleration and deceleration and offers you the ability to stop intelligently even when on a hilly terrain. The one pedal technology will revolutionize the driving experience. The technology offers the ability to combine acceleration, slowing down, and a braking system with only one pedal operation. Nissan suggests that the technology is likely to be useful especially to persons when driving through congested commuter traffic. The car maker has optimized the e-pedal technology to ensure it is driver friendly. A flip of a switch will ensure that the e-pedal technology becomes operational.

When talking of the powertrain, we expect the Leaf 2018 to have an electric motor or generator that can generate the same amount of power as its predecessor. The car comes with a 107 horsepower and a torque of 189 lb-ft. The Leaf 2018 is expected to be a front wheel drive just as the Leaf 2016. The major difference between the Leaf 2018 and its predecessor is the fact that the 2018 model shall come in double battery packs, a two-battery pack, and a three-battery pack that provides a choice for consumers to consider what they prefer. The battery packs are likely to start at 40kWh of power capacity and top out at 60kWh. Despite their different power, there is a high likelihood that the packs will have similar weight like the 30kWh unit in the earlier model. Every car manufacturer needs to be conscious of the battery pack weight and make sure it is not too bulky. A light car battery pack will improve the overall car performance and make it easy to achieve the best weight balance. From the 2018 model review, we expect the performance of the Leaf 2018 to remain similar to the ballpark of its predecessor.

Hoffman Estates Nissan Dealership can guarantee that the Leaf 2018 will come fitted with the standard safety features including a blind spot monitor, a lane departure warning, traction control, and an electronic stability control. When driving through traffic, there is no need for the driver to shift from the acceleration to the braking system as the e-pedal serves all the functions simultaneously. The Nissan Leaf's e-pedal technology aims at making driving as simple as it can get with little stress.

The Hoffman Estates Nissan Dealership estimates that the Leaf EV 2018 is likely to provide more sales to the firm and continue playing a leading role in keeping the Leaf generation the most sold electric generation. The Leaf comes with an improved charging infrastructure. The car maker may be looking at the possibility of giving it a more stylish exterior so that it can appeal to more people. You can book your test drive with the Woodfield Nissan online.

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