Nissan ELLURE Review near Chicago Illinois




Nissan ELLURE Review near Chicago Illinois

A lot of car enthusiasts have been talking about the breathtaking Nissan Ellure. Although the Ellure is only a prototype, it gives Nissan the opportunity to showcase its engineering talents. The hybrid’s unique styling and awe-inspiring performance capabilities have caused quite a stir. Driving enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the car’s fuel-saving design. If Nissan decides to build the Ellure in the future, it has the potential to impact the entire car market. To stay updated on the latest developments, be sure to check out the Nissan Ellure news to Chicagoland. Remember, you can always request Nissan Ellure information from Woodfield Nissan.





Nissan ELLURE Review InteriorWhen reading this Chicago area review, keep in mind that the new Ellure is still in the developmental phase. However, no other sedan on the market boasts a more futuristic interior. Floating headrests enable the new Ellure to make a bold fashion statement. All of the interior materials are made out of recycled fibers. This is a major plus for the drivers who understand the value of protecting the environment. A special ambient lighting system gives the cabin a very tranquil mood. Families will surely appreciate the sedan's impressive amount of legroom. For more details on the other cool features, contact your Nissan dealer serving Chicago Crystal Lake Glendale Hoffman Estates Nissan shoppers. The Nissan Ellure news to Chicagoland is always accurate.





Nissan ELLURE Review ExteriorYou have never seen a vehicle like the Nissan Ellure before. Boomerang-shaped headlamps make the sedan stand out from the competition. Meanwhile, the car’s lowered suspension gives it a remarkably sporty stance. A unique glass panel roof covers the entire passenger area. This means that every passenger can enjoy unmatched outward visibility. Luckily, the tinted glass still provides a sense of privacy. All of the doors open up at a 90-degree angle. Even seniors can easily enter and exit the cabin. The sedan has a coolness factor that very few modern vehicles can match. Don’t hesitate to request Nissan Ellure information from Woodfield Nissan! Your dealer serving Chicago Crystal Lake Glendale Hoffman Estates Nissan shoppers provides all of the latest updates.





Nissan ELLURE Review PowertrainAs expected, the new Ellure features a cutting-edge hybrid engine. The combination of a supercharged four-cylinder engine and an electric motor helps the sedan to produce a solid 273 horsepower. Because of the engine’s surplus of torque, the Ellure can accelerate quickly from a standstill. You can have fun without sacrificing any efficiency. Upon activating the car’s all-electric mode, an Intelligent Dual Clutch Control system completely shuts off the gas engine. Nissan’s impressive Xtronic CVT ensures that the Ellure will deliver a smooth performance on the road. Only a handful of cars will be able to offer a more exciting driving experience. After reading this Chicago area review, feel free to check out all of the pictures.





Nissan ELLURE Review MechanicalThe new Ellure is engineered to keep drivers excited on a daily basis. An independent suspension ensures that the sedan will offer superb handling. A set of low-profile tires enable the Ellure to maintain excellent traction. However, ride comfort remains one of the Ellure’s top priorities. A drive-by-wire steering system takes the car’s driving dynamics to the next level. You will feel in complete command while behind the wheel. When coming to a stop, the regenerative braking system effectively routes energy back to the hybrid’s battery back. The Nissan Ellure news to Chicagoland will detail the latest developments.





Nissan ELLURE Review SafetyYou can definitely depend on the new Allure to provide a high level of passenger safety. All of the newest driving aids will be offered. Instead of using traditional side-view mirrors, the Ellure features a high-tech camera system. You will be able to clearly see an approaching vehicle. Drivers won’t have to deal with any annoying blind spots. Of course, a powerful anti-lock braking system will come standard. When taking a long road trip, the adaptive cruise control system will decrease driver fatigue. To find out more information on this cool ride, contact your local Nissan dealer serving Chicago Crystal Lake Glendale Hoffman Estates Nissan shoppers. Thanks for taking the time to check out this Chicago area review of the Nissan Ellure. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to request Nissan Ellure information from Woodfield Nissan!





*The above information is regarding the base model Nissan ELLURE Review. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact our dealership with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you’re inquiring about.